The Accidental Tourist Review
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Lawrence Kasdan is one of the only directors whose movies Iíll watch for the sole reason that he directed them. (Examples of his movies are The Big Chill, Grand Canyon, French Kiss, and Mumford.) I actually didnít know heíd directed The Accidental Tourist until his name flashed at the beginning of this classic Academy-Award-winning film. But when I saw his name, I was sure I was in for a treat: a film with well-written characters, good cinematography, excellent casting and acting, and thematic elements coming naturally out of the narrative. I was right.

The Accidental Tourist tells the story of a travel writer, played by William Hurt, who goes through life shielding himself from being affected by things
. In fact, his series of books for business travelers teach how to be as comfortable while traveling as they are in their own armchairs at home (his logo is a flying armchair).

We meet him at a particularly uncomfortable time in his lifeóa year after his twelve-year-old son is randomly shot and killed. We meet him just as his marriage, torn by grief, is going through rocky timesóhis wife, played by Kathleen Turner, is moving out. However, itís not until he meets a quirky, completely honest and straightforward dog trainer (played by Geena Davis, who completely deserved her Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her portrayal) that he himself begins to change.

Like I said, this is a classic Kasdan film thatís well worth watchingómaybe more than once. Donít watch it if youíre in the mood for horror, dumb humor, or mind-bending suspense, but if youíre up for a good drama, pick it up. It isnít too taxing, but will leave you with food for thought.

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