The Play Goes On Review
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This memoir, a worthy follow up to his first book, Rewrites, continues the life story of Neil Simon after his first wifeís death. It is an honest and humorous look at the life of a successful playwright/screenwriter.

Simon takes the reader through the creation of several of his works. Early in the book, he describes how he met his future wife, Marsha Mason. The two worked together on several projects, most notably The Goodbye Girl and Chapter Two.

Eventually the marriage failed and Simonís career suffered a slight downturn. He came back to write the Brighton Beach trilogy, which includes the play Biloxi Blues.

The book mostly goes in straig
ht chronological order, but does flash back to his early days on occasion. For example, when discussing Biloxi Blues, Simon devotes an entire chapter to his stint in the Army Air Force near the end of WW II.

Simon won the Pulitzer Prize in 1991 for his play Lost in Yonkers. He is still writing today, and his latest project, The Dinner Party, recently played in Washington DC.

If youíre a fan of Neil Simon, both Rewrites and The Play Goes On are musts. I read The Play Goes On first, and found it very enjoyable.

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