The Artist's Way Review
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Have you always wanted to be in a band? Have you always felt the urge to paint -- or take pictures or write poetry? If youíre committed enough to devote a few hours a week to becoming the artist youíve always wanted to be, The Artistís Way will show you how to discover the artist thatís trying to get out.

This book isnít one that you read in one sitting. Instead, itís a do-it-yourself course in creativity. The book is broken up into 12 chapters, and readers are supposed to read one each week. Each chapter takes readers a step further toward finding their hidden artist. Cameron -- whoís a screenwriter and novelist (see my review of her novel, The Dark Room) -- teaches readers to seek out friends and family members who encourage their creativity instead of destroying it. She urges readers to nurture the artist inside themselves -- and to allow themselves to play every once in a while. And, each week, she gives activities to do and questions to think about throughout the week.

My copy of The Artistís Way is well worn. A musician friend forced me to buy it (he actually put the book in my hand and dragged me to the cashier) a few years ago. He couldnít stop saying wonderful things about the book -- and, after my first time through it, I understood why. From time to time, I pick it up again -- and itís always given me the strength and courage to take another bold step in my creativity.

If youíre committed to becoming an artist (or to recovering your blocked creativity) -- and just donít know where to begin -- start by buying this book. You wonít believe the results.

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