Bad Boy Review
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I couldnít help but pick this one up. It is, after all, by the author of The First Wivesí Club -- the movie that my college roommate and I watched repeatedly for an entire year or two. But I have no intention of reading Bad Boy repeatedly. It took enough work to read it the first time.

Bad Boy is the all-too-predictable story of Tracie Higgins, a self-centered Seattle journalist and her geeky friend, Jon. Tired of his dateless existence, Jon begs Tracie to teach him to become a bad boy -- the aloof, seductive, abusive guy that Tracie claims every woman wants (Okay, Iíll admit it -- I fell for that guy a few times. And then I grew up.) And that the same time, Tracieís trying to get her bad boyfriend, Phil, to settle down.

Can you guess what happens? Of course you can! Tracie turns Jon into a ladiesí man -- one whom every woman in town is after -- and she suddenly realizes that she loved him all along.

I canít even call this one a guilty pleasure. The writing style was shaky and not really as hip as it was supposed to be. Tracie and Phil werenít exactly characters I fell in love with (nor was Jon, for that matter), and I often had to take breaks while reading -- long enough to roll my eyes. Yes, the book had its moments, but when it all comes down to it, Iím relieved to set it aside and move on to something else.

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