Simpsons Clue Review
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There are many classic board games out there. They can be anything from Monopoly to Candyland, Chutes and Ladders to Clue. Now there are new versions of classics that are in existence. For example, thereís University of Michigan Monopoly. Good stuff. However, there is something even better -- Simpsons Clue.

Simpsons Clue is a new twist on an awesome board game. The idea of the game is the same: trying to solve the case. What room did the murder happen in? What weapon was it done with? Who is the murderer? Itís a great mystery game.

The premise for the game is a little different, though. The players need to find out who murdered Mr. Burns. The weapons are different. To name a few, there is the necklace, the poisoned donut, and the plutonium rod. The many rooms the players enter are many different places that can be found around the town of Springfield. The figures for the game are small figurines of characters found on The Simpsons, with Mr. Smithers as Mrs. White.

This game is great for college students -- or anyone who feels they have outgrown the game of Clue. It supplies something of interest for them, and theyíll start playing it again. Trust me, I know. Itís also a great collectable for any true Simpsons fan out there.

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