The Patient Presents Review
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This book was a first for me, because I had never read poetry used so beautifully and clearly by a medical doctor describing his or her day at work.

Using concrete and specific description, poet Dr. White reflects upon what her days and nights encompass while trying to heal the most poverty-stricken, drug-addicted babies, children and families.

With the use of mellifluous free verse sprinkled with some rhyme, she creates and maintains solid imagery that the reader never loses. She creates very vivid portraits of the medical situations that she faces and then explains their meaning as well.

Her talent as a literary artist allows her to minimize the use of technical medical terms. I particularly enjoyed the poems "Community," "Generation," and Lead."

This book answers the question, "Is the use of poetry limited?" The answer is "No."

Ed. Note: For more information about The Patient Presents, see Dr. White's web site.

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