Time Loop Review
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In the 13th Century, the Cathars lived in Languedoc in southwestern France. During a crusade organized by the King of France and the church, they were all killed, ending their beliefs and their practices.

In the 20th century, former friends Tom and Helga meet up again to study the Cathars and their way of life and beliefs. Deep into their studies, Helga starts to wonder if her separation from Tom was as innocent as it appeared at the time. Events build in both of their lives that tie the past to the present and to the future, as they unravel a message from another era.

A very gripping debut novel, Time Loop will grab you once you get into it. I'd like to go back and read it again, and just spend a few hours jumping into this time travel.

You're going to have to read this book at least twice to get your head around it all. I did find it a little difficult to jump from one time zone to another, but once you are committed to reading and begin to use your imagination, the story as it unravels is very gripping indeed. If you like reading stories that have that little extra in it, that twist you just weren't expecting within the plot you thought you had figured out, then this is a book you have to read.

Morelle displays a wonderful gift here, taking you through one avenue and then suddenly throwing you into another. She crams in lots of information. She also does a fantastic job of not describing too much about the characters. There's just enough description here for you to get a feel for what she is trying to get across without giving you too much information. You're able to build up a picture of the characters and scenes for yourself, which is an incredible gift for a writer.

Right, well, that's me, done for now. I'm going to get "back to my future," and give you time to go order this book for yourself. Get reading! Hats off to Morelle.

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