Men Lean Under Car's Hood, Stare at Insides
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TOADLENA, NM Last night, Lou Benjamin and two of his neighbors gathered in the Benjamins’ garage to figure out just what’s going wrong with that 1989 Pontiac Grand Am of his.

Upon calling the meeting to order, Benjamin opened his miniature refrigerator and retrieved a bottle of beer for each man in attendance. Then the real business could begin.

“So what seems to be the problem?” asked Glenn Harper.

“Well,” began Benjamin, “I don’t quite know. We were driving along yesterday when it just started shakin’. Then it made this klunka-klunka-klunka sound. And then it just went thunk. And that was it.”

“Hmmm…” said George Orvis. “Let’s take a look under that hood.”

So the men got out their shiny red toolboxes and brought them to the front of the car. Benjamin popped the hood.

“Hmmm…” they all said thoughtfully as they stared at the big pile of metal and plastic. They each took a few gulps of their beer and looked at the engine from a number of different angles. Then they went back to the fridge and got a few more bottles of beer.

“Huh,” commented Benjamin pensively, while smacking a wrench on a big plastic thing inside the engine compartment.

“I think this could be your problem,” said Orvis, who pointed a Phillips screwdriver at a medium-sized metal gizmo. “I think this thingy could be in need of some stuff.”

“The black stuff?” asked Benjamin incredulously.

“Nah. The green stuff,” Orvis replied.

“Huh,” noted Harper.

“I don’t know,” began Benjamin. “It looks to me like it’s needin’ some attention over here.” And he smacked the big plastic thing with the wrench again.

“Could be right,” said Orvis. “Ya might wanna tighten up that doodad.”

“Hmmm…” the men replied in unison.

The three men continued to stand in the garage, wandering around the car, drinking beer, and smacking miscellaneous auto parts until Orvis’ wife informed him that it was time to come home.

This morning, Benjamin’s wife picked up the beer bottles and called Rudy, the mechanic. He says that he should have the car fixed by the end of the day.

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