Order of Coincidence Review
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I've been religiously reading Mark Wildes' new book, Order of Coincidence. I was excited at reading his debut book, To Yesterday (see my review), and I'm pleased to say I'm no less excited at reading this one.

Order of Coincidence is another thriller from Mark, though not a romantic based one. Once more set in North Carolina, Order of Coincidence transports readers into Mark's world of kidnappings, serial killers, hackers, and unsolved mysteries.

Jason Simons makes a trip to Morehead City, his childhood home, for his tenth year high school reunion. Little does he know, but the harmless reunion he was imagining will change his life and way of thinking forever.

This is a story of friendship, of lost love, of childhood and memories. Jason Simons finds himself thrown into one of the largest unsolved killing sprees from the 17th Century. The things he once took for granted are stripped from him, and his only weapon is his belief in his friends and himself.

This is one of those books that you really wish would just end when you're half way through...not because it's un-enjoyable, but because you're that engrossed in it, and you're desperate to know how's it's going to end.

I had repeated arguments with myself about not to read the back page to see the end. I was at one point reading so fast that I had to slow myself. It's a can't-put-it-down book, and it will have you living on the edge.

Mark does a great job of allowing you to think for yourself, and he also does some of the thinking for you. He can describe situations for you and you'll read it just knowing that it was going to happen. Then you're his prey. You'll assume you know everything and try to predict what's going to happen when you turn the page, and it's never what you expect. He'll add a twist here and a twist there, and in a good way it frustrates the hell out of you.

Another fantastic thing the writer does for you is not describe too much, as in To Yesterday. Mark will give you a character name and not too much description, thus allowing you to build a picture of what Jason and his friends really look like. You can really get a feel for the people you are reading about. But you have to wonder how much of this book is make believe and how much is real.

Mark does a beautiful job of tying in parts of the Bible and the Internet. I did find myself at parts of this book checking the Bible and the Internet to see if what was in this book was really there. This guy clearly does his homework before he puts pen to paper!

If you read this book, you'll see why I praise it so much and where I get my excitement. It's truly his second masterpiece, and I'm eagerly awaiting his third.

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