Quentins Review
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Every city should have a place like Quentins. There are so many stories told inside its walls...stories of deceit, betrayal, love and revenge. The patrons and staff all have stories to tell and you will feel drawn to them, as though they are old friends as each one tells their tale.

Patrick and Brenda Brennan are struggling to make ends meet in jobs they both hate. When offered the challenge of rebuilding and running a restaurant owned by a rich gentleman named Quentin Barry, they accepted. Soon the establishment took on a life of its own as the staff and patrons filled it with the drama of their own lives, loves, despair and successes. But this success was bittersweet for the couple as the one thing they want most in this world is denied them over and over again.

Blouse Brennan was always thought to be slow and dim-witted until he proves himself an invaluable asset to those whose lives he touches.

Ella Brady is another patron of the establishment and the love of her life causes the financial ruin of many people, even her own parents.

When a couple of film-maker hopefuls decide to do a documentary on Quentins, they enlist the help of Ella and send her on a mission to New York City, for two reasons. She is being hunted by some very dangerous men and they fear for her life. They also want her to meet with Derry King, a rich and powerful man who is interested in lending financial assistance to the project. Ella manages to capture his assistance and his heart, while Derry protects her from harm and delivers her safely back to Dublin, a place he has sworn never to visit.

Quentins is like a soap opera...a host of characters with lives that interconnect with each other. I enjoyed this book and I found myself missing the drama of Quentins once the last page was turned.

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