Leave It to Cleavage Review
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Summer will soon be coming to an end, but if you’re looking for a light, entertaining book to close out your summertime reading-by-the-pool season, you’ll want to pick up a copy of Wendy Wax’s latest, Leave It to Cleavage.

Miranda Smith’s comfortable life of social functions and charity fundraisers is forever turned upside-down when she accidentally discovers pictures of her husband of fifteen years dressed in women’s lingerie (with a pristinely manicured female hand on his rear). In just one day, everything becomes painfully clear—Tom’s penchant for women’s underwear, his infidelity, and, finally, his disappearance. When she reads Tom’s “have a nice life” letter, Miranda thinks that her life has hit its lowest point—but then she discovers that Tom did more than just leave her. He also emptied out their bank accounts and left Ballantyne Bras, her family’s business, in serious financial trouble.

Suddenly realizing that she’s the only one capable of saving her family’s business (and, consequently, the entire town of Truro, Georgia) from bankruptcy, Miranda dusts off her MBA and fills in for Tom, claiming that her husband asked her to take care of the company while he went on an extended business trip to China. Miranda manages to cover up her husband’s disappearance using fake emails and phone calls, but Blake Summers, the chief of police, isn’t falling for it. Miranda can’t seem to hide from the persistent chief—nor is she totally sure that she wants to.

The plot of Leave It to Cleavage (a jilted woman forced to take charge and make it on her own) isn’t necessarily a unique one, but Wax does a wonderful job of taking the plot and making it her own. She creates characters (especially Miranda and Blake’s daughter, Andie, the teenage tomboy turned beauty queen hopeful) that you can’t help but love. She creates a tension between Miranda and Blake that’s absolutely electric—so electric, in fact, that you’ll feel it. And her devilish wit only adds to the fun. From the very first sentence, Wax will have you hooked, and you won’t be able to put down this uplifting tale.

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