Journey Together Review
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Kimmie is an eight-year-old with long blond hair and hazel eyes that peeked through wire-rimmed glasses. She is slight in stature and should have had the carefree life little girls are meant to enjoy. But Kimmie had a secret...the same secret that her Nana had when she was a little girl and even younger than her granddaughter. They were both sexually abused.

Journey Together: Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse is a powerfully written book. It is the story of a little girlís plight to overcome the sadness, guilt, shame and hurt she suffers at the hands of her stepfather...a fireman who is looked upon as protector...not violator. It is also her Nanaís story as she copes with her own demons thought long buried as she tries to help her granddaughter.

So riveting is their story that I read the entire book within two days. I felt what Kimmie felt, cried when she cried and felt as helpless as her Nana as she sat and listened to the graphic description of what was done to her.

So many lives were torn apart by the deeds of one...this coward who would rob a child of her childhood. By the time I got to the second part of the book, I had questions to ask and found answers waiting there...everything from the statistics on how prevalent this crime is to an actual definition of sexual abuse.

This book holds a wealth of knowledge for every parent and anyone concerned about the crime...for it is a crime of the most heinous sort. Learn the difference between touching and non-touching abuse...there is a name for all types. Learn about the steps the abuser takes as he closes in on his prey. Get the facts from the abused childís perspective...the threats and the fear instilled by their abuser. Itís all right here in Journey Together.

I recommend this book as a must read. You donít have to be a just have to be compassionate and caring about what happens to the children in our lives.

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