Attack of the Queen Review
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Adazzra, a healer living in Three Branches, which is in the land of Arwhyrrl and her sworn sister Moonrazer of the Sarl combine their strength and magic to protect other tree women and their villages from harm.

When Arwhyrrl is threatened by an attack from the Queen, Adazzra and her sister are summoned by Adazzra’s tree to return home. On their way, they stumble across Feodor, an injured Vlaad. Moonrazer’s warrior instincts kick in and she is all for running him through with her sword but as a healer, Adazzra pleads for his life. They continue on their way, taking Feodor with them.

When they reach Three Branches, Adazzra is informed that she and her life partner are destined to defeat the Queen where all others have failed, and return Arwhyll and other kingdoms to peace. When she finds out that she is to be life bound to a Vlaad, a blue creature with wings, would you react?

This is a story of the preparation for one final battle. You will turn page after page as you become absorbed in this fantasy. You will feel the love grow between Adazzra and Feodor. You will fear the Queen and believe that she is indestructible and you will add you prayers to those being said for the young heroine and hero as they fight the battle of their lives.

Attack of the Queen is a well written fantasy. It is a believable romance set in a distant land in another time and a very enjoyable read!

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