Companions: Laws of the Blood Review
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Vampires are real. They have their own society; they have a ruling council, laws and police. But they still need humans for blood and fear in Susan Sizemoreís Companions: Laws of the Blood. Every once in a while a vampire will choose a human and keep them as a companion for years until the companion also becomes a vampire.

Companions focuses on a police detective, Selena Crawford and the head of the vampire police, Istvan. Istvan hates vampires, despite being one himself, and did not willingly take Selena as a companion as he does not want to create another vampire. Selena hates the fact that vampires treat their companions as property and she hates the bond that she has with Istvan both magical and physical. Their relationship is fraught with problems, but they are together because the two of them are soul mates. When they met, they were unable to resist the attraction that they felt for each other; they shared blood, and became companions for the rest of Selenaís life.

When someone starts killing vampires, Istvan and Selena both want to find the murderer. They eventually come to the same conclusion: a rogue companion is doing the slaying. Unfortunately, the companion is killing vampires because one of the baddest, oldest vampires around drove her crazy, for fun. Circumstances align Istvan and Selena against this vampire and they have to take him down, while staying within the laws.

Sizemore has a great imagination, building a society of vampires with laws, traditions and myths. The book isnít going to make you think, but for the most part it is a fun escape. Selena is the kind of heroine that you might model yourself after. She is strong, intelligent and resourceful, until she gets around Istvan. Her dependence on him (which she unsuccessfully fights against) is pathetic, and the ending is a disappointing all male fight-fest. The book is entertaining, but I prefer a heroine that can save herself every once in a while.

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