Are You All That? Review
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Players: 1-4 (players or teams)
Playing time: varies

Think you’re all that? Pop this fly retro trivia game show into your DVD player, and Dr. Know-it-all Browne will be sure to let you know if you’re as kickin’ as you think you are—or if you’re nothin’ but a poser.

To play, gather your crew around your TV. Using your DVD player’s remote, select the number of players and the number of questions you want your host, the good Dr. Browne, to ask (as few as 10 or as many as 250). Each player then chooses one of four characters and a special bonus category—the one for which he or she can give the most correct answers. Then the game begins.

When it’s your turn, you’re given a randomly-selected category (like “In the News” or “Stage, Screen, and Gallery”) and a randomly-selected question (there are 1500 in all) to answer. If you get it right, Dr. Browne gives you props—and one juice point—and you get to keep playing. If you get it wrong, Dr. Browne disses you, and you hand the remote to the next player.

If the category chosen was the bonus category you selected at the beginning of the game, you’ll get two juice points for a correct answer—but you’ll get two points taken away if you’re wrong.

The player who has the most points when the selected number of questions have been asked—or the first player to reach 30 juice points—is declared the winner.

Are You All That? is easy to play—but not always easy to win. The questions range from easy pop culture questions to challenging historically-based questions about people you’ve probably never heard of—and you never know which ones you’ll get. But AYAT isn’t just another trivia game. The colorful retro graphics, the background music that’s sometimes hip-hop and sometimes hippie, and especially the hip host, Dr. Know-it-all Browne—who’s always got something to say—make the game more of a party on a disc. Pop this game in your DVD player, and the whole gang will be laughing and trash-talking (not to mention wracking their brains) in no time.

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