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My Maid of Honour bought this book for me, and it was the best thing she could have given me. If you don’t plan on having 250 guests at your wedding and looking out at a sea of faces you don’t recognize as you’re walking down the aisle, then this book is for you. First, intimate doesn’t have to mean having only 10 guests. Intimate can be defined as wanting your family and friends there that have supported your relationship. It also doesn’t mean having a cheap wedding. Inviting fewer guests means you can splurge on them if you chose to.

This book is an excellent resource for planning an intimate wedding. It discusses locations for your wedding, including indoors versus outdoors, pointing out that having a smaller wedding can give you more options for locations; however, it also states that you may not want to have a wedding in a huge church if your guests will only fill up the first few pews, and all you hear are echoes.

The author discusses theme weddings, vow renewals, and second marriages. Maybe you had to do the big wedding the first time around, and you want your second wedding or vow renewal to be more your style. Because Friedrichsen interviewed other brides for this book, as well as using her own intimate wedding experience, she gives plenty of ideas, tips, and resources. There is even a section of resources at the back with 170 Web sites and phone numbers where possible – anything from ordering invitations, and putting your photos online to having a Roaring Twenties themed wedding, getting married in Las Vegas, or having an interfaith ceremony.

The author also talks about destination weddings and the different options you have – do you invite everyone and just see who can make it, or do you just invite a few close friends and your immediate family? Do you pay for your guests’ accommodations, or do you have them pay for their own? The author gives possible locations for your destination wedding and plenty of tips, such as having a wedding coordinator at the location to check everything out for you. Tips like sending a Save the Date card to your guests, so they can start saving up for the trip, are also invaluable.

This book inspired me to explore my creativity and acknowledged that it’s okay to do my wedding, my way. It is after all, my wedding, no one else’s. The last chapter in this book talks about keeping your memories alive. It gives great ideas, such as having a scrapbook instead of a guest book, creating a shadow box for your wedding memorabilia, and preserving your wedding dress.

The best part about this book is that there are no rules or proper wedding etiquette to follow. If you want to walk down the aisle as Glenda from the Wizard of Oz with a roomful of Scarecrows and Dorothys as your guests, go for it. Friedrichson and the other brides interviewed give suggestions on how to explain to people why you’re not inviting your mom’s cousin that hasn’t even met your fiancé in the four years you’ve been together.

So if you want to have your wedding, your way, you should pick up Intimate Weddings. Remember your wedding is an excellent opportunity to use your creativity to its fullest and to be yourself.

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