Missing! (Cascade Mountain Railroad Mysteries, Book 4) Review
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Ten-year-old Billy Cole and his friends, Finn and Dannie, live in Scenic, Washington, where their fathers are building a railroad tunnel through the Cascade Mountains. While they live in cabins in a small, secluded village, Billy and the other kids in Scenic still get to do all kinds of fun things—like competing in Scenic’s annual Fall Fish Fry fishing tournament. Billy’s younger cousin, Mim, even shows up for the fun. But during the tournament, someone breaks into some of the cabins in the village and steals food and money and a coat. No one knows who the thief is—so Billy, Mim, Finn, and Dannie decide that it’s up to them to solve the mystery.

The four kids dig for clues and study the suspects—like Eddie, one of the older boys, who showed up late for the fish fry and wouldn’t say where he’d been. But when Mim starts sneaking off by herself and keeping secrets, Billy starts to wonder if his cousin is the thief…

The Cascade Mountain Railroad Mysteries series is historical fiction for young readers. It takes place in a village that really existed in the 1920s—and through pictures, maps, and the characters themselves. Scenic comes to life on the page.

Missing! is a fun, fast-paced, adventure-filled read for kids, ages 7-10, who are ready to take a step up from picture books. They’ll love following along with Billy and his friends, trying to solve the mystery—and the story is interesting enough that parents will enjoy reading along, too.

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