Sleeping Queens Review
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Players: 2-5
Playing Time: 20 minutes

Twelve Queens have fallen asleep under a magic spell, and itís your job to wake them up in this entertaining card game from Gamewright.

Sleeping Queens is a quick and fun card game in which players try to rack up the most points by collecting Queen cards. They accomplish this by playing power cards (Kings, Jesters, Knights, Sleeping Potions, Wands, or Dragons), or by trading in number cards for power cards.

The King cards allow you to wake up a Queen. All you have to do is play it, and you get to take a Queen from the center of the playing area. If you have Knight card and another player has awakened a Queen, you can steal that Queen from your opponent. The Sleeping Potion card lets you put one of your opponentís awakened Queens back to sleep.

If your opponent hits you with a Knight card and you have a Dragon card in your hand, you can play it to keep your opponent from stealing your Queen. Likewise, a Wand card can protect your Queens from the Sleeping Potion card. The Jester card allows you to gamble a bit. Play it, and then flip the next card in the draw pile. If itís a power card, you get to keep it. If itís a number card, then players count off the number on the card, starting with the player that played the Jester card. Whichever player the count lands on gets to wake up a Queen.

The game is over when one player collects five Queens or 50 points in a 2-3 player game, or four Queens/40 points in a 4-5 player game.

I had a lot of fun with this game. Itís cute and fun, plus itís not particularly challengingómaking it great for an impromptu competition. The box is pretty small, so you can take it anywhere, and play it anywhere (as long as you have enough of a playing space for the draw/discard piles and the Queens). Iíd definitely recommend it.

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