Everyone Else's Girl Review
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This engaging novel brings us along with Meredith McKay back to her hometown in New Jersey for a life-changing and chaotic summer.

Packed with wry humor and fascinating characters, Everyone Else’s Girl follows Meredith’s nostalgic journey of self-discovery as she moves back home to care for her father (an enthusiastic collector and breeder of fish) after he's injured in a car accident. To add to the intrigue, this all takes place while Meredith’s family is planning the wedding of her estranged friend, Jeannie, to her brother, Christian.

As she reunites with high school friends and teenage crushes, Meredith comes to terms with the reasons she moved away from her hometown to begin with. This book explores the intricacies of relationships among her family, friends, and lovers with insight.

The book includes several touching analogies, my favorite being: “Love…is dancing for joy when your feet are bleeding. Because the joy was what mattered. Feet would heal.”

Everyone Else’s Girl is a delightfully light-hearted read, perfect to curl up with in your favorite chair on a rainy fall day.

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