Holiday Decor Gone Mad
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What is it about the holidays that makes somewhat normal people go insane with decorating? I mean, don't get me wrong. I enjoy a nice jack-o-lantern and a fall wreath, but the amount of time and money spent on decorating is a tiny bit ridiculous.

I recently visited Garden Ridge and literally could not believe the amount of overpriced decorations! Women's eyes seemed to glaze over as they made their way to the plastic, blow-up Thanksgiving turkeys that were sure to look great for the family gathering. How on earth could an inflated turkey bring any more joy to a family meal?

What's worse is the confusion of exactly what holiday it is. Every year at the end of September, stores tend to allow Halloween shoppers a few measly weeks to get their decorations before Thanksgiving decor moves into the picture. It is easy to find ghoulish monsters on display beside a festive cornucopia. Is that not absurd to anyone else? For goodness sake, give the pumpkins some time!

After only a couple more weeks, the Christmas season is in full bloom. Of course, keep in mind that it's the beginning of October. Now the stores are overstocked with three holidays' worth of stuff. Now, not only can you find plastic pumpkins and turkeys, but also Santa and Rudolph have joined the party!

I have this vision of children walking up to a neighbor's door while trick-or-treating, only to find Frosty the Snowman on candy duty for the evening. What if the kids are given fruitcake instead of individually wrapped candy? Think of the horror on the kids' poor faces? What kind of confusion will they leave Halloween with?

"Mom and Dad, why is Frankenstein standing beside the Three Wise Men?"

Who wants to be responsible for this type of turmoil?

And just think of all of the elementary school teachers trying to pick out their new holiday sweaters! What would happen if the Christmas sweater with the little jingling bells was worn during November? Oh, the gasps that would echo through the school halls. Or better yet, what if a teacher wore her Halloween jumpsuit with her Thanksgiving turkey matching earrings and necklace? What would the PTA think?

I think it would do us all good to pause and reflect on holiday decorations and the short seasons they are allowed to have. I dream of a day when Halloween goblins and ghosts have plenty of time to roam the Earth before Thanksgiving decor and inflatable turkeys take over. And when the time comes for Christmas cheer to sweep the nation, please allow the reindeer time to graze.

Also, could counties hire someone to make sure all the Christmas lights are down before Valentine's Day? I don't care if the lights are red or not! Oh well, that's another complaint for another day!

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