Blood Hunt Review
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James Reeve stuck his journalist nose in too deep and ended up on a beach in California, locked in his car, with a bullet in his brain. The police ruled it a suicide. His brother did not.

With methodical precision, ex-British Special Forces soldier Gordon Reeve hunts his brother’s killer—a hunt that brings him deep into environmental corruption, uncovering the truth about a company called CWC (Co-World Chemicals). Gordon knows that if he can figure out the dirt that James had on CWC, he can find his brother’s killer. Once he lands in America, clues lead Gordon to an investigation firm called Alliance Investigative—and to Jeffery Allerdyce, an investigator who doesn’t seem to be on one side or the other, but instead uses the dirty laundry he collects on people to bring himself the highest personal gain. From there, Gordon’s search brings him face to face with a man he thought was dead. The game escalates into one soldier against another, and only one of them will remain standing in the end.

A mixture of suspense, military tactics, and detective work sucks you into Blood Hunt, bringing you a story of one man’s search for revenge. Cold and calculating, Gordon Reeve pursues his goal, yet you know he’s one of the good soldiers who kill only when necessary. I never knew that a simple tape recorder or the song “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” could send chills up and down my spine until I read this book. Mr. Rankin paints this story with the vividness of watching a movie in 3-D with surround sound. Profound and multifaceted, Blood Hunt is everything you want in a thriller and more.

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