The Notebook Girls Review
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The Notebook Girls was penned by four friends who went to high school together in New York City. The lined, handwritten pages are laced with doodles, drawings, and collages of photographs. This is a communal journal/scrapbook, filled with gut-splitting humor, incredible insight, and generous candor.

Along with having to deal with the more common issues that rouse the inevitable teen angst, at the beginning of their freshman year, these kids ended up inhaling the dust from the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center. Their collective accounts of that day and the aftermath are gripping.

Covering topics such as media, politics, equality, government, war, spirituality, love, sex, drugs, and rock and roll, (you'll never look at Axl Rose the same way again), this is undeniably the real deal.

“This is really our lives here, in the purest, truest, though not cleanest form.” - JB

“If anything has taught me to open up and share myself with other people, it’s this lined piece of trash.” – LN

“But he should know, I’ve got the mad argumentative logical skills which I proceeded to whip out…” – SPC

“You know those times when you are mad, but not mad at anyone, and you aren’t going to get mad at anyone, you just feel like crap? Well that’s this year of my life. But maybe it’s okay because this year has only been three days so far.” - CT

If you are or ever were a teen, this engaging work is guaranteed to hit home. The Notebook Girls is a gritty and tender celebration of youth and friendship, a chaotic, melodic freestyle a capella of noble ideals, sung with young, powerful voices. I didn’t want to put it down any more than I wanted it to end.

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