What's in Ned's Head? Review
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Players: 2-4 (ages 4+)
Playing Time: 30 minutes (though it'll take a lifetime to get the visuals out of your head)

Letís be honestÖkids like to be grossed out. Itís just a fact of life. Thatís why a good fart joke or puke story never fails to entertain a child. So when my nephew saw the box for the board game Whatís in Nedís Head?, he couldnít stop laughing. After all, whatís better than a giant stuffed head that you can pull all kinds of gross stuff out of?

Whatís in Nedís Head? is one of the most original and crazy board games that Iíve ever played. Each player sits around a giant stuffed cartoon head with huge ears and nostrils. Crazy items like a lab rat, a used Q-tip swab, a spider, an alien, a fried egg, and, yes, even puke, is placed into his headó15 items in all. Each player then picks a card and doesnít show anyone whatís on the card, which matches one of the items in Nedís head. On the count of three, everyone reaches into Nedís Head and feels around to find their item. When they think that the item in their hand is the correct one, they pull it out. They can only pull out one thing at a time, and if they donít have a match they have to wait until everyone has pulled out one item. The first player to match the item on the card stops the round. Rounds continue until you run out of cards, and the player with the most items at the end wins.

My nephew loved this gameóand it was even fun (at least the first three times) for adults. What I really liked about the game was that the game company was thoughtful enough to add 10 blank cards to the packageóso you can add 10 of your own items. Now thatís the kind of addition that makes a game even more special. Itís a very creative game with a great design and hilarious items. I would suggest this game for any family that doesnít go for conventional board games. Once you see the game, it wonít be long before you start asking yourself, ďWhatís in Nedís Head?Ē

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