The Ultimate Lost Theory
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Theories on ABC’s TV show Lost are running rampant across the Internet. It seems like everyone and his or her dog has one. Here are the most popular:

1. It’s all in their heads! It’s all a product of their imagination brought on by the crash, or maybe there is no crash at all and no island. They could all be trapped in their minds, strapped to tables in some isolated lab experiment type bunker somewhere.

2. Bermuda Triangle! They crashed on the only island in the world where everything weird always happens.

3. Everyone’s dead! Everyone is located in purgatory and being tested by God before being released to either heaven or hell. When someone dies on the island, they have been judged and sent to their final destinations.

4. The new Eden! The survivors are actually the only people left on the earth and have been sent to the island by aliens as a means to repopulate.

5. Island of Dr. Moreau! Dr. Moreau is at it again, using humans to test his magical potions on the unsuspecting survivors of a plane that just happened to have crashed on his island.

Not to join in the creative bandwagon, but I have also come up with what I believe to be the Ultimate Lost Theory. I’m not going to hold back any Longer. I know the suspense is killing you. Here’s my little gem:

They crashed on Fantasy Island!

If you think about it, this makes total sense. It explains everything. Here’s why.

1. ABC is the network that aired Fantasy Island, and coincidentally, is the one that airs Lost. They had been considering remaking Fantasy Island for years - at one point even considering creating a full-length feature film. Instead, they eventually created Lost, which just placed new characters on Fantasy Island. Only they crashed there, so they have no idea they’re even there.

2. This explains everything - the polar bear, the dinosaur, the bunkers. Everything. For anyone who’s seen Fantasy Island, you know anything can happen.

3. I could have sworn on the last episode of Fantasy Island I heard Tattoo yell out, "The plane! The plane has crashed!" I’m telling you, eventually some poor survivor will stumble onto some fat guy near a pagoda, drinking from a glass with a little pink umbrella, and he’ll take them to Mr. Roarke.

Now if you believe this one, my dog has one he’d like to share.

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