Wake Up and Smell the Melodrama
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Dear Christine,

The girl Iím seeing broke up with her fiancť a few months ago, before he was deployed out to sea. She stayed in the apartment to take care of his bills but was going to leave as soon as he came back.

Now heís back, and he wonít let her go. He has abused her in the past. She knows heís not good for her, but sheís afraid he might hurt her or even me. He also uses his naval status to threaten her. She thinks if she does anything to ruin his name or career (like a restraining order), he will try to harm her.

I am also afraid she might try to kill herself. What should I do? -- MARTIN

Dear Martin,

Is this for real?

How well do you really know this woman? She could be making up this entire story so you donít know sheís two-timing you. Or this could be her way of scaring you off. Or maybe sheís a drama queen, creating a story so youíll come to her rescue. Think about it.

But for the sake of argument, letís say this is the real deal. What should you do? Thereís not much you can do. This is her problemónot yours.

Iím all for knights in shining armour, but the damsel in distress routine is outdated. She needs to deal with this. She needs to contact the authorities or do whatever it takes to assure her own safety.

You said youíre afraid she might try to kill herself. What makes you think that? Did she say so, or are you being over dramatic? If sheís really talking suicide, she doesnít need a boyfriend. She needs a therapist. You can give her your opinion or my opinion. But thatís it.

Bottom line: This is a train wreck waiting to happen. Get off the crazy train at the next possible stop.

Dear Christine,

Iíve written to you before, and I just wanted to say thanks and let you know about the turn my life has taken.

A couple of years ago, when my relationship of nine years ended because my partner had found someone new, I was angry and distraught. Since then, I found my soulmate. Last April, I met a high school acquaintance, and we talked and laughed for hours, catching up on our high school days. She managed to find numerous excuses to see me. I confessed that Iíd had a crush on her in high school, and she admitted the same.

It took 20 years to find her, and it was worth the wait. We are now living together and are so in love that I just had to tell you.

Iíd like to tell your readers: Be patient. Love happens. -- GORD Ė RODNEY, ONTARIO

Dear Gord,

Congratulations. Itís always great to hear about a happy ending.

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