Lady’s Choice Review
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Sorcha Macleod is so sure that her sister, Adela, is in love with Sir Hugo Robinson that she sends messages to him about Adela’s wedding day, hoping he feels the same and will come to rescue her. When a band of masked men ride in and abduct Lady Adela from her wedding, no one gives chase, thinking her abductor is Hugo. But when Sorcha learns that he didn’t abduct Adela—and had no idea that Adela loved him—she sets out on her own to rescue her sister.

Sir Hugo Robinson follows the impulsive Sorcha, trying to reach her before she catches up to his extremely dangerous cousin, Waldron, who thinks he’s doing God’s work—and that he’ll be forgiven of any sin, no matter how evil, as long as it’s necessary. Sorcha and Hugo soon realize they’re dealing with a maniac, hiding behind a mask of righteousness, bent on vengeance for perceived wrongs, and planning to steal the Templars’ treasure. Hugo suspects that Adela may be helping Waldron, and he’s not at all sure that she truly wants to be rescued.

Feisty and impulsive, Sorcha makes a strong, although sometimes exasperating, character (I found myself wanting to slap her more than once), and Hugo endears you as a man of action and honor. I have to give him major points for keeping his temper in check while dealing with Sorcha’s shenanigans, because she tends to put those around her in danger way too much. I know that Sorcha is worried about her sister, but I felt that the author needed to tone down Sorcha’s reckless feminist nature and allow her to leave things to the men who knew what they were doing.

Ms. Scott does a great job of portraying Adela as a victim of the Stockholm Syndrome. At times I found myself wanting Waldron to shed his evil for Adela—and thinking that he just might, if she could only love him enough or please him enough. Sometimes I even found myself wondering if he’s really as evil as he seems. But Waldron truly believes he’s working for God—and he often made Bin Laden spring to mind.

Ms. Scott takes us to the countryside on a treacherous rescue mission and a plotline we can relate to in this day and age. A crisp new romance filled with peril and action, Lady’s Choice is an entertaining and interesting read—and it’s definitely not the same old historical romance.

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