Whipped! Review
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Players: 2-6 (ages 8+)
Playing Time: 20 minutes

Every man who goes through the transition from bachelorhood to attachment to marriage knows one thing: It ain’t easy. Your life changes in ways you never expect. One day, you’ll find yourself sitting in a dark movie theatre as your significant other cries on your shoulder through some tender love scene and you’ll ask yourself, “How did I get here?” Or the time will come when you’ll say the magic words to your friends when they ask you to go out somewhere: “I have to ask if it’s all right.” You may be one of those guys that think they’ll never say that, but eventually, you will!

The game Whipped! deals with all these male issues and more. It’s a humorous game of male bonding vs. female dominance. Each player starts out with a few “friends” cards face up in front of them. The object of the game is to keep your friends. When you lose all your friends, you lose the game. The last player left with a friend wins the game.

You get seven cards in your hand to start. When it’s your turn, you can play one card from your hand. You’ll be able to add a new friend in front of you, build bonds of friendship down on any friend you have, or lay a “Whip” or “Über-Whip” card down on someone else’s friends.

The Bond cards can be activities you like to do with those friends, like camping, playing online games, poker night, or monster truck rallies. When someone lays a Whip card, you will lose a Friend if no bonds are played on them, or you can lose some of the bonds you have on them. The Whip cards can be things like having to shop for feminine hygiene products, or situations where a woman throws out your comics, uses your razor, or makes you do the dishes or attend a poetry reading.

There are also special cards that can be played to defend your friends from Whips or attack other player’s hands. There are even a few cards that will end the game for you instantly if you don’t have the right defense cards. I was playing this with three of my friends (one of whom happened to be a girl) and I thought I was doing quite well, with three friends left with several bonds…and all of a sudden my brother laid the "Ultimatum: It’s Them or Me!" card, which made me lose all my friends and the game.

The game is extremely humorous, and several times, my two guy friends and I said out loud, “This is so much like real life!”—which elicited some evil glances from our one female friend.

Just as a side note, I wouldn’t recommend playing this game with any females, as the evil stares start to pile up when the guys are laughing. Also, we played three games and my female friend just happened to win ALL THREE! As we were walking away, I whispered to my two guy friends that it was all right, because she’s a girl, she knows the secret. They just nodded, because they understood: women have us Whipped!

Ed. Note: For more about Whipped! (including ordering information), check out WhippedCardGame.com.

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