Piece of Work Review
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When Julia Einstein’s husband, Peter, loses his job—and goes months without finding a new one—Julia realizes that it might just be time to hang up her apron, say good-bye to afternoons watching Tom and Jerry with her three-year-old son, Leo, and get back to work. She’s reluctant, though, since she actually likes being a stay-at-home mom. Not only that, but after four years away from her job as a celebrity publicist, she’s not sure if anyone will give her another chance. Not even Julia’s friend and former coworker, Patricia—who now runs her own firm—will give her a job. Instead, she points Julia to John Glom Public Relations, also known as “the firm that handles desperate has-beens.” Since Jack DeMarco, the man in charge of John Glom’s New York office, is every bit as desperate as the has-beens with whom he works, he offers Julia a job. And since Julia’s equally desperate, she accepts.

Filled with guilt for leaving her husband and son alone together—Julia starts her new job. Her main responsibility is to handle the launch of a new perfume, called Legend, created especially for film-legend-turned-has-been, Mary Ford. Mary is so difficult to work with that she single-handedly brought about the resignation of Julia’s two predecessors. But Julia’s determined to deal with her slimy boss and her demanding client and her crappy office—because it pays the bills. And once Peter finds a job, she can go back to her old life again.

But it’s not all that easy for Julia to keep her head up—because her work spins wildly out of control…and, at home, she begins to realize that Peter’s a better stay-at-home mom than she ever was.

Julia is an especially real character—and you’ll fall in love with her right from the beginning. She’s a determined woman and a loving mom who wants nothing more than to take care of her family—and she’ll do whatever it takes, even if that means dealing with non-stop insults while accompanying a demanding has-been to department store appearances and keeping her supplied with Fresca. And despite her guilt and frustration, she still manages to have a great sense of humor.

Piece of Work is every bit as fun as an E! True Hollywood Story—only a little darker and much more honest (even though it’s fictional). It’s a page-turning look at the underbelly of stardom—and those who get paid to put up with it. If you love celebrity gossip as much as I do (and admit it…you do), you’ll love this book.

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