Your Bed or Mine? Review
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Ah, nothing brings out the childish behavior in adults like divorce.

Rick and Zada Clark end up in divorce court, fighting over property rights and a blind dog named Simon. The judge, fed up with their self-absorbed behavior and eight-hundred thousand dollar doghouse, rules they cannot return to his courtroom until the property issues are settled.

Since Rick’s attorney had convinced him to give up his apartment in anticipation of a win, he has no place to go. The lawyer, to the rescue again, comes up with a scheme to get Rick back into the house he used to share with Zada. Whoever is the first to throw in the towel and leave before the ninety-day deadline loses everything. Zada is certain she’ll win, so she accepts the challenge, even though her lawyer strongly cautions her not to.

In the tradition of War of the Roses, though not as wicked, Rick and Zada think of devious ways to drive the other so bat-crazy that they’ll run screaming from the house. Though their friends vow not to take sides, they get sucked into the mess, and they’re the only ones who can see that Rick and Zada still love each other. Even Simon, the adorable, blind German Shepherd, can see that they belong together, so he keeps them up half the night by wandering from one bedroom to the other until Rick and Zada end up sleeping in the same room to make Simon happy.

I laughed myself bananas over Your Bed or Mine? Rick and Zada acting like first-graders. Fighting over toys in a sandbox could have been irritating, but instead it was hilarious. The novel pokes fun at the differences between men and women, giving you a humorous look at the battle of the sexes and showing you in the end that you can love a person as much for their differences as for what you have in common.

In the future, when I need a dose of laughter medicine, I’ll be reaching for a novel by Candy Halliday.

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