Here She Lies Review
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After it becomes painfully clear that her husband, Bobby, is having an affair, Annie Milliken-Goodman decides it’s time to leave. She quits her job as a physical therapist at the prison in Lexington, finds herself a new job in New York, and packs her things. Before heading to New York, though, she decides to spend some time with the one person she can still trust—her identical twin sister, Julie.

When Annie and her infant daughter, Lexy, arrive at Julie’s house, however, they’re met with a horrifying scene. A woman who looks shockingly similar to Annie and her sister has been brutally murdered in Julie’s front yard. Haunted by the murder, Annie tries to move on with her new life—and she easily slips back into a comfortable relationship with her twin. Things soon go back to the way they always were. Annie and Julie look out for each other, and they share everything—even Lexy. But when it comes time for Annie to leave Lexy behind and head to New York to train for her new job, everything starts falling apart. Just days before she’s supposed to leave for the city, her wallet goes missing—with all of her credit cards and ID. Then, when she arrives in New York for her training, she’s placed under arrest for grand larceny—a crime she knows she didn’t commit. But who did?

You may think you’ve got everything figured out early on in the story, but Here She Lies is filled with twists and turns that will keep you second-guessing yourself until the very last page.

The story does start out a bit slowly, taking time to set the scene and create the characters—and it occasionally gets bogged down in the details (especially when it comes to breast-feeding). So it might take a little while to really get into the story—but don’t give up. Once the real action starts, you’ll have a hard time setting the book down and walking away.

Though the story is sometimes a bit far-fetched—and, in the end, the motive doesn’t really seem to fit the crime—Here She Lies is a fun read nonetheless. Ms. Pepper is a talented writer who makes it easy on her readers. Her style is effortless, and it makes the pages fly by. Here She Lies is a quick and casual—yet chilling—read that’s sure to make you wonder if the people you trust are really all that trustworthy.

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