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Today, as I was getting some herbs for my spaghetti sauce, I saw something long and black in the grass in front of my herb garden. I stood on the back steps, petrified. How was I going to get the herbs I needed for tonight’s dinner with a huge snake lurking in the grass, just waiting for an unsuspecting victim? For a split second, I thought about changing my entrée, but the sauce was bubbling away, and freshly-made pasta covered my kitchen table.

“SNAKE!” I screamed. “Hurry, it’s going into my herb garden.”

My sons came rushing to my rescue, each wielding a “weapon” (bless their dear little hearts). Matthew had a rake, Tim had a shovel, and Jonathan had the hoe.

Me…well, I had my 10-foot pole. We stood there trying to decide our next move.

All of a sudden, Matthew, rake in hand, jumped off the step and marched towards the herb garden. My heart skipped a beat.

“Matthew! What are you doing?” I gasped.

“I’m going to hook the snake on the rake and carry it to the woods out of harm’s way,” Matthew called back.

Such bravery! I knew we couldn’t let the snake get into the herb garden. It might decide to take up residence there. So I let him go. Overcome with a feeling of fear mixed with pride, I watched as he boldly walked over to the snake. His brothers and I stood there breathless, waiting to come to his rescue if need be.

Slowly, Matthew approached the snake, being careful to keep the rake between himself and the snake. He stood right in front of the snake. He seemed to be frozen with fear. I was just about to launch an all-out rescue when Matthew started to laugh.

He bent down and PICKED UP THE SNAKE! He came strolling back, snake in hand, and showed it to me. Armed with my 10-foot pole, I sneaked a peek. It was the broken heater hose he took off his father’s truck. How it got from the garage to my herb garden no one knows… I told you I saw it move.

So the next time you head out to your garden be very careful… there are hoses in them thar weeds.

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