E-Author Spotlight: Robin Bayne
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In the past, I often found it difficult to stay interested in an inspirational romance because the characters were always too perfect, or the plot was too boring. Most of the time, Iíd end up throwing the book down in disgust. People arenít perfect, even if they do believe in God, and thatís why Robin Bayne is one of my favorite inspirational romance authors. Her characters are just like you and me, making mistakes and learning from them, questioning God and growing with each step on the pathway to Heaven. Mix all of that with an interesting story, and you have an inspirational novel thatíll keep you entertained.

Ms. Bayne loves the simple things in life: watching snow fall, a warm fuzzy puppy, glowing candles, a good red wine, twinkling Christmas lights, the sound of bells, a log burning in the fireplaceówhich she often shares with her husband. Doesnít her world sound peaceful and inviting?

Sheís also interested in dancing, and she took ballet and jazz lessons, followed by aerobics and finally swing dance lessons with her husband. But her number one passion is God and her faith.

On Writing in Ms. Bayneís Words:

What or who inspires you to write?

When I was younger, it was my mother, who always believed I had talent. Even in the second grade, when my stories were written with fat pencils on wide-lined paper. Now itís something I just need to do. Iím not sure if I can say Iíve been ďcalledĒ to write, but if not, Iím counting on the fact that God loves a volunteer!

Why did you begin writing?

Iíve always dabbled in writing, and I did a lot of it when I was attending college. I took weekend and night classes while working full time, so after graduation I had free time because I no longer needed to study and write term papers. I decided to experiment with a variety of genres, finally realizing I enjoyed the romance genre the most.

Which author inspires you?

So many of them! Robin Lee Hatcher, Deb Raney, Francine Rivers, Loree Lough, Diana Gabaldon, Jerry Jenkins, Randy Alcorn, Beth Moore. and C. S. Lewis, just to name a few. I read fiction and non-fiction and Iím not only inspired by these authors but Iím also impressed by their generosity and kindness in helping new writers.

What do you find most rewarding about writing?

Seeing my name on a pretty book cover is nice, but even better is the occasional note from a reader who enjoyed my work. If something I write touches just one person, I feel I have done my job.

Ms. Bayne certainly has done her job in The Good Samaritan. Rachel Martin faces future financial distress after her business partner ran off to Paris to study pastry making. Now she may not be able to fulfill her contracts, and Tim Gardner, whoís depending on her golden leaf cheesecake to help his restaurant turn a profit, isnít too happy with her. If Rachel ever needed a Good Samaritan in her life, itís now.

The terribly cute ending of The Good Samaritan left me with warm fuzzy feelings and a grin. God is present in this novel, but He didnít feel intrusiveómore like a gentle guiding light. Looking for something to lift you up? You canít go wrong with The Good Samaritan.

Robin Bayne is a regular contributor to the e-zine The Spirit Led Writer, where she does a monthly column. Her short story, ďFrom the WindsĒ will be released this fall through Grace Publishing, and sheís also contributing to a book of devotionals by the same publisher. Other than that, sheís looking forward to some fall weather.

Ms. Bayne loves to hear from her readers, and you can reach her through her Web site, RobinBayne.com, where you can also learn more about what the future holds for this talented author.

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