Life Safari Review
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After saving for two years in order to fulfill his lifelong dream of traveling to Africa, young Jack quits his job, sells most of his belongings, and boards a ship to begin his adventure.

Shortly after his arrival he meets Ma Ma Gombe, a wise old woman who will be his guide for a year-long safari on foot across the continent. Despite her age and apparent frailty, Ma Ma Gombe proves to be a formidable companion, and the two form a unique and tender friendship.

Before they begin their journey, as they sit in the shade of a tree on a hill and watch the antelope and zebra grazing in the field below, Ma Ma Gombe explains to Jack that everyone has a “big five for life.” That is, five opportunities to fulfill the individual life dreams that will enable them to define their lives as successful. Jack learns that this journey is one of his “big five,” and by allowing Ma Ma Gombe to be his guide, he is assisting her in fulfilling one of her “big five.”

The adventure that they embark upon carries the reader through a lush terrain filled with sensual, vibrant imagery that’s just as delicious as the lumberjack breakfast served up in Strelecky’s previous book, The Why Café.

There’s plenty of action as the two divert poachers and Jack risks his life to save Ma Ma Gombe. They later survive a dangerous encounter with some rather hungry lions. And as Jack learns about the exotic plants and animals of the regions they travel, Ma Ma Gombe imparts plenty of inspiring wisdom.

Life Safari is the kind of page-turner that makes you crazy because you just want to savor it slowly. It’s one of those spectacular works that you’ll end up wanting to read more than once.

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