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What if you could capture the voice of God—the same voice that spoke creation into existence? What would you do with it? Would you try to control it? Use it for good? Or use it for evil?

Omar Atmani grew up in the Philippines, under the Salafi tradition with its strict moral codes. All his life, he’s struggled with the literal meaning of the Qu’ran. Though God calls them to jihad, isn’t He also a merciful and compassionate God? Would he condone the killing and torture of innocents? Omar’s assignment is to capture Jazmin Lutzer alive and use her—by rape and torture, if necessary—to control her parents. This does not sit well with his heart.

Thirteen-year-old Jazmin’s parents accidentally recorded the voice of God while creating a computer program. Now, religious radicals have kidnapped them, threatening torture if they don’t reveal where they’ve hidden the program. With no one to trust, Jazmin seeks out her Uncle Charlie. God’s voice cannot fall into the wrong hands, or it may be turned into the greatest weapon of mass destruction the world has ever known.

Charlie Madison is a burnt-out Special Forces agent who couldn’t save his wife and daughter from dying a senseless death. He feels he’s bad luck, so he goes into reclusion. Then his niece shows up, needing help and protection, turning his world upside-down once again. With the help of FBI agent Lisa Harmon, they circle the globe, hoping to find Jazmin’s parents while getting more involved in something that no one can control—something you shouldn’t even try to control.

The Voice is the kind of Christian fiction that I love to read. Nothing is sugar-coated about this brilliant plot or its characters, because life and people simply do not work that way in the real world—so why would they in fiction? Bravo to Mr. Myers for knowing the answer to that question and writing one heck of a religious thriller. You’ll look forward to getting back to this novel every time you’re forced to put it down—and I can’t wait to pick up Mr. Myers’s next novel.

Fast-paced and explosive, The Voice will leave you breathless as you eagerly turn each page. I haven’t come across a Christian thriller this good since reading anything written by Frank Peretti. If you enjoy Christian fiction with an edge, The Voice is just what you’ve been waiting for. Don’t miss out on it!

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