Rare Shipment Takes a Turn for the Worse
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AUBURN, AL A routine shipment of valuable goods turned into a disaster yesterday as truck driver Harry Stewart took a wrong turn, leading his cargo deep into hot water. Or, more accurately, hot oil.

Stewart was entrusted to carry a truckload of a rare breed of special Brazilian chickens to a farm near Auburn. The chickens, which had been specially bred to dance for a new world-traveling theatrical show, “Chickens on the Road,” were on their way to their new home, a special farm where they would undergo extensive dance classes. At their new home, they would learn everything from the rumba to the polka to several forms of break dancing.

Unfortunately, these special and talented chickens did not reach their destination.

Stewart, a 25-year member of the Bama Trucking Association and a resident of Birmingham, was not very familiar with the Auburn area. He had unfolded the map on the seat next to him and was attempting to carefully study it, to find his way to the chickens’ dancing school. When he came to Washington Street, he incorrectly turned right.

Our story would be a happy one had Mr. Stewart just turned left.

But he turned right. Instead of leading him to the Brazilian Chicken Dance School of Alabama, the road led him and his poor, defenseless cargo to the local Charlie’s Chicken headquarters. Stewart, believing that he had finally reached his destination, pulled up to the loading dock, and unloaded his shipment. The special chickens can now be found in Charlie’s new spicy popcorn chicken (available for a limited time only).

No one knows what will happen to Stewart after this incident. A spokesman for the Dancing Brazilian Chicken Corporation did, however, state, “Mr. Stewart is in big, big trouble.”

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