Hungry for More Review
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Embarrassed and angry after losing her muse, “Maddie”—on The Oprah Winfrey Show, no less—Amy Burns goes in search of her. Amy’s been a failure at everything, and she’s nothing without Maddie—the little voice that tells her the identity of a person’s One True Love.

Amy discovers that Maddie has left her for another gypsy named Roni, who works in a two-star French restaurant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There, Amy meets Chef James LaChance, and suddenly her chances of losing Maddie for good double—because he just might be her One True Love. And according to gypsy rules, she’ll lose her gift forever if she falls in love with him.

James gets his inspiration for new dishes from women, and he creates his most audacious dish ever after kissing Amy. Though Amy is a bit mysterious and peculiar, he hopes to earn his third star by creating a whole new menu using Amy as inspiration. The only problem is that, if he’s successful, there’s a chance he’ll lose his heart to a woman who has no interest in finding her own true love.

Hungry for More will keep you grinning throughout the whole novel. Amy Burns is an unconventional heroine who’s spent her life conning people (but only those who deserve it) and looking out for Number One. Yet you still won’t be able to resist this precocious gypsy. James LaChance has his mind on just two things: food and sex—in that order. But somehow you’ll still find him adorable as a hero—besides he can cook. And what woman can resist that?

Hungry for More is a light read that’ll lift your spirits and make you…well…hungry for more from author Diana Holquist. The unique characters are loads of fun, and you’re sure to get plenty of laughs out of their story. So if you’re in the mood for something decadent, pick up a copy of Hungry for More. I’m sure your palate will be more than satisfied.

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