My Wicked Enemy Review
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Carson Philips is known as Magellan’s witch, and she’s been under the mage’s command for as long as she can remember. One night, she learns just how cruel Alvaro Magellan can be, and she escapes, taking an important talisman with her on the way out. Magellan goes after Carson with a vengeance. He wants back what belongs to him, and he needs the talisman to make him the most powerful mage in the world, able to defeat the warlords and enslave the fiends to do his bidding. Suddenly, warlords, fiends, demons, blood-twins, and mage-held fiends are out to kill Carson. Her only hope lies in her enemy—a warlord who’s also avowed to kill her.

Nikodemus is a warlord with many followers who have sworn fealty to him—and his mission is to assassinate Magellan and his green-eyed witch. But when he finds Carson, she’s anything but what he expects. She’s been as much of a prisoner as his kin, who are also mage-held. Nikodemus finds himself wanting to protect Carson—because she appears to be delicate and weak. In reality, though, she’s a powerful witch with the power to defeat Magellan—or at least she will be, if she can learn how to use and control her magic…and if her magic doesn’t kill her first.

Distinctive and creative, My Wicked Enemy involves both good and evil magic—where a mage can bend a fiend to go against his own kind—and that makes this read a bit different from other paranormal romances. Since the market is currently flooded with vampire and werewolf romances, shape-shifting warlords, mages, and fiends offer a welcome change.

This tantalizing supernatural romantic thriller moves at a fast clip, and it’s sure to scorche you with its sensuality and the hyper-sexuality between Carson and Nikodemus. These two characters come together with molten-hot intensity, and you just might forget how to breathe when they’re in the same room together.

Carolyn Jewel’s darkly enchanting novel will snare you from the very first page and keep you under its spell until the last breathless moment. Ms. Jewel has written a fresh and engaging tale that steps outside the same old mold. Her work is fresh and engaging, which earns her a place on my auto-buy list.

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