Rough Justice Review
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Harry Miller metes out his own brand of justiceóespecially to those who are untouchable by normal laws. But when he puts a bullet in the forehead of a Russian officer whoís about to rape a group of young women and torch a mosque, it causes a ripple effect that puts Harry on the hit list of a man known only as The Broker, who reportedly has dealings with al Qaeda.

To his young wife, Olivia, a stage actress in London, Harry is just an ordinary guy who works for the British Parliament. She knows nothing of his secret lifeóand neither does his sister, Monica Starling. But itís becoming harder and harder for him to hang on to his coveróespecially once it starts putting a strain on his marriage and Monica starts asking questions.

Revenge begets revenge, and it goes on and on in an endless circle until Henryís enemies take something personal and precious from him, and he decides to wipe the whole lot of them out with a little help from his friends.

Though author Jack Higgins has been around for a while, this was my introduction to his workóbut I canít say that Iím overly impressed. For the longest time, I couldnít figure out what the plot of Rough Justice was supposed to beóor whether it even had one. It just seemed as if a bunch of random acts of violence were thrown into a pot and mixed up together. And it didnít seem to matter if it made any sense to the plot. Finally, though, some sense started to emerge, and the story became more interesting.

Thatís not to say, though, that Rough Justice isnít stimulating or titillatingóbecause itís definitely both and more. You just have to be able to overlook the disjointed plot. In a way, itís like watching an action movie, in which lots of things get blown up and bullets are flying everywhere just for the hell of it. It makes for great excitementóbut not much else.

I also had a hard time warming up to Harry. Mr. Higgins didnít really make me like him enough to care about what happens to him.

All in all, Rough Justice is a pretty good readómaybe even worth your time if youíre just reading for a bit of senseless action. To be fair, Iíve read worseóbut Iíve definitely read better, too. Those who want something with more depth to it should probably look elsewhere.

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