Ghostly Vehicle Haunts City
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MACON, GA Macon police have been getting numerous phone calls recently, reporting sightings of a vehicle that appears to be terrorizing the town—without a driver.

Says Macon Sheriff John Cohen, “We must get between five and fifteen calls every day from people who have seen this unmanned car. It appears in town each day, swerving all over the road, driving fifteen under the speed limit, with its left blinker perpetually blinking.”

The car, a brown 1987 Cutlass Sierra, appears daily in the vicinities of Wendall’s Coffee Shoppe on Turner and 60th and Spencer’s Market on 14th and Washington. Its appearances have baffled Macon residents, whose lives have often been put into jeopardy by its erratic driving habits. Several residents have dared to attempt to look into the vehicle as it drove past, but no one has seen a driver occupying the seat.

Neighbors are terrified. “I’m terrified of ghosts. When I was a kid, a ghost woke me up every night. My mom said it was just my brother wearing a sheet, but I didn’t believe her—just like I don’t believe that there’s a non-supernatural explanation behind this car. I’ve seen it a couple of times, and it just scares the livin’ bajeebers out of me,” one resident commented.

Government records show that the vehicle is registered to 93-year-old Ethel Campbell, a matron of the community who is well known for her homemade chili and her diminutive stature.

Cohen and his staff have been unable to successfully pull over the vehicle, nor have they notified or questioned Campbell. Says Cohen, “Ethel’s a sweet little lady, and knowing that her car was haunted could very well just kill her. I just couldn’t do that to her. We’ll have to get to the bottom of this mystery on our own. Besides, what would Ethel be able to tell us?”

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