BoneManís Daughters Review
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Sometimes I wonder where an author has been all my reading life. How could I have missed an exceptional one like Ted Dekker, whoís written 23 novels? Iím just glad I found him now, though, so I can look for his name on bookstore shelves in the future.

Two years ago, a serial killer that the press dubbed BoneMan abducted six young girls, hoping that one of them would make the perfect daughter. When they disappointed him, he broke their bones without breaking the skin and left them to bleed to death internally. The police thought theyíd caught the right man, but had they? Once the man they convicted of BoneManís crimes is released from prison on a technicality, another girl is abducted.

Intelligence Officer Ryan Evans returns from Iraq with emotional scars, due to his capture by insurgents who wanted him to give up his wife and daughterís address. When he refused, they forced him to watch as they broke the bones of little children. He eventually escaped, but the experience left his state-of-mind in a mess.

Once heís back home, Ryanís unfaithful wife demands a divorce, and his daughter, Bethany, hates him because heís never been there for her. His anguish increases when BoneMan abducts Bethany and gives Ryan seven days to find her. The police suspect that Ryan took his own daughteróand the hunter soon becomes the hunted.

Raw, emotional, and genuine, BoneManís Daughters sends you on a rollercoaster ride, leaving you breathless and flat-out horrified. These characters have major flawsóbut in a good way. I wanted to slap (or at least give a good shaking to) all of the characters at one time or another. Ryan Evans, most of all, hits you where it hurts. One minute heís going strong, and the next heís doing something stupid while falling apart emotionally. Itís truly painful to read.

BoneManís Daughters reaches into the very depths of human depravity, dredging out the ugly and horrifying corners of a personís mindófor both the good guys and the bad guys. It asks the age-old question: how far are you willing to go to save someone you love, to exact revenge, or to get what you want? Trust me; itís not as black-and-white as you might think.

With heart-pounding, action-packed scenes and emotional depth, BoneManís Daughters throws you into a battle between good and evil. As the plot thickens with unforeseen developments, youíre never quite sure who will win, and youíll brace yourself for the worst.

Looking for a thriller with more meat and a whole lot of bite? Then Ted Dekkerís BoneManís Daughter is the perfect choice.

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