Moviegoer’s Commentary Much Louder Than the Movie Itself
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RADCLIFF, KY--Radcliff residents who made their way to the Studio Cineplex 8 Friday night to see the latest summer blockbuster, Attack of the Alien Robot Zombies, are still unsure of the movie’s plot.

Nineteen-year-old Lisa Smit reports that, after leaving the movie, she and her friend, Julia Dutter, went to Clara’s 24-Hour Deli, where they saw another friend, Kristy Frank. When Kristy asked them what the movie was about, neither girl could answer the simple question.

The reason for their complete ignorance of the movie’s content was Francis Wilson, the man who had been sitting approximately five rows ahead of them. Wilson allegedly had a very loud comment for everything that happened in the movie. He talked to characters. He pointed out inconsistencies. And—since he had apparently seen the movie before—he also gave away parts of the movie and informed the entire theater of what was about to happen. Often, he got sick of paying attention to the movie, so he decided to converse loudly with a still unidentified companion about his job, his family, and his battle with hemorrhoids. Overall, he made it absolutely impossible to hear any of the dialogue of the movie. Most people in the theater were forced to use their imagination and guess what was happening.

Several people tried to quiet Wilson in a number of ways. Some “Shhhhhhh!”ed him loudly. Others asked, “Would you please shut up?” Others, more desperately, yelled out, “HEY! SHUT UP! THERE ARE PEOPLE TRYING TO WATCH A MOVIE HERE!!” while throwing things at him, such as popcorn, Raisinettes, and jumbo-size Mountain Dews.

When the movie ended, angry moviegoers left the theater, feeling especially violent. As he and his companion made their way through the parking lot, they were attacked by an angry mob. The incident was investigated and dismissed.

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