Try Fear Review
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When last we left Los Angeles lawyer Ty Buchanan in Try Darkness, he was living in a trailer on the grounds of a monastery, once again trying to unravel a murder case with the help of his ďinvestigator,Ē Sister Mary Veritas.

In Bellís latest Ty Buchanan novel, Try Fear, Buchananís routine DUI case turns into a murder, Sister Mary finds herself the victim of a cyberstalker, and Buchanan finds himself caught up in a world of ambition, power, and corruption. The characters face situations where emotions must be kept in check and hard decisions need to be made.

Bell has a created an almost true-to-life character in Ty Buchanan. Granted, there is a scene in which Buchanan is thrown in jail after a street fight, and he immediately begins waxing philosophical to the other two occupants of the cell about how they should find better things to do with their time, other than getting high (and they actually listen to him), which I found unrealistic, given the fact that heís sitting in the cell, too. Still, Buchanan is likable yet flawed. He doesnít always win. He makes mistakes. He seems to be on the fence theologically speaking, and he argues religion at random points throughout the book with Father Bob, one of the other characters.

Buchanan, once a big-firm money-making lawyer, is now a street lawyer with a nun for a sidekick (I recommend reading the other books in the series first, to get the whole picture). His clients range from the average Joe to the dregs of society. The combination of suspense (everybodyís got a motive), Buchananís remarkable sense of humor (especially considering that he seems to get beat on quite frequently), and Bellís ability to develop good stories emanating from the streets of Los Angeles only gets better with each book.

Bell picks up the pace in Try Fear; the story moves along much faster, and the various plot lines, while not difficult to follow, are more complex than those in his other books. Thereís a lot going on: nonstop action, twists and turns, and, best of all, unpredictability. Try Fear had me guessing until the end.

In his last book, Bell left clear loose ends, so I knew there would be another book. After reading Try Fear, Iím afraid that the series could end hereóbut I donít want that to happen. Iíll keep hoping for another Ty Buchanan book.

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