No More than Friends
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Pages: 11
Goes Well With: A toasted ham and pepper-jack sandwich and a sweetened iced coffee

Brit and Quinton have been close friends for years—since their freshman year of college, when Quinton tried to make a move and Brit instituted the “no more than friends” rule. At the time, Brit was too caught up in school to think about a serious relationship. But now, after years of bad relationships, she’s beginning to wonder if the man of her dreams has been right here all along.

For Quinton, on the other hand, there’s never really been a doubt that he and Brit are meant to be together. He’s loved her since the day they met, but he’s carefully played by her rules, afraid of losing her.

But now, as Brit helps Quinton paint his new house, she decides that their arrangement isn’t working—and it’s time for her to do something about it.

No More than Friends is a super-quick and steamy read—little more than a few pages of back story, followed by some clothing-free discussions about what’s best for the two best friends and their relationship.

As such, there isn’t a whole lot of development—no thoughtful study of the characters or their relationship. There isn’t a lot of time to build tension, either. Just a familiar story about long-time friends who both (whether secretly or not-so-secretly) want something more—until one of them finally decides to make a bold move.

The rest, then, is spicy romantic fantasy—long, meaningful kisses that quickly progress to something more. The dialogue is sometimes a bit awkward and unnatural, and the outcome isn’t especially surprising—but that doesn’t really matter, does it? Still, at just 11 pages, it seems like it’s over before it really began. Had Hicks added just a few more pages, the story could have felt a bit less rushed and a bit more natural.

So if you’re looking for substance, No More than Friends isn’t really for you—because it’s less about the story than it is about the shower scene. But if you’re one of those romance readers who tend to skip ahead to the juicy bits, you won’t have far to skip.

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