First Date
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Goes well with: a mocha latte from Starbucks and the real estate section from the newspaper.

Everybody has their own idea of what is “sexy” in a man or a woman. Many of us discover our sexual ideal as adults, while some hold up one of their early lovers (or acquaintances) as the ideal—and Jill Daniels, the heroine in Lynne Roberts’s First Date, is no different.

While still in high school, Jill accidentally sees Bret Jacobs (captain of the football team and all-around big man on campus) naked, and immediately her sexual ideal is created. Ten years later, Jill is working as a real estate agent, all but assuming that she will never find a lover who excited her as much as the memory of Bret—so imagine her surprise when Bret himself calls her up, asking to see a real estate listing. Bret shows up, even sexier than in his younger days, and the two tour a farmhouse that is for sale. While viewing the property, they get caught in a rainstorm, seeking refuge in a barn that had been converted to an office—ending in predictable results.

First Date is a very simple, very well written story. You can practically hear the sexual tension between Jill and Bret crackle like lightning. I also liked how Roberts made the characters seem real, complete with insecurities and self-doubt. It’s uncommon to find such well-developed characters in such a short piece of writing.

I’d say that the story is 90 percent sex scene, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but obviously this isn’t an appropriate story to read at work while on your lunch break (although I suppose that depends on where exactly you work!). I can’t imagine reading such a hot sex scene and then having to sit at a desk all afternoon long! The sex is incredibly steamy, full of forbidden desire, even though the prude in me couldn’t help but marvel at the sheer unprofessional-ness of nailing a client at a showing (although I suppose that’s part of the whole “forbidden desire” idea).

All in all, First Date is a great, sexy little story, one I will definitely read again—but I’ll never be able to look at real estate agents the same way again!

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