Doctor Sigmund Fraud
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She entered the psychiatrist’s office hesitantly. “Hello. My little girl, Megan, is six. She sees monsters in the dark.”

“Monsters are serious,” the doctor said. “Have a seat while I talk to Megan.”

The mother plopped into a chair, and the doctor took Megan’s hand. He led her into the treatment room. It was windowless and dark.

Megan whimpered. “I’m afraid of the dark.” She turned to leave but could not find the door.

He patted her on the head. “Be brave,” he said. “Sit here. I know all about monsters.”

There was a clicking sound. In the next instant, the shadowy image of an ugly lizard appeared on the wall. It had glowing red eyes and horns. It stood upright and kept tossing a lasso in the direction of Megan.

“It wants to kill me,” whimpered Megan.

“Take my hand,” said the doctor. “Come with me.” He took her to the wall, and he touched the image. “See, it did not hurt me. Now, be brave. Touch the lizard.”

Megan raised her hand and touched the shadow.

“What does it feel like?” asked the doctor.

“Nothing. It’s just a shadow on the wall.”

“That’s right. Shadows are just shadows. They cannot hurt you. They are not real.”

“Are you sure?” asked Megan.

“Doctors don’t lie,” he answered.

The doctor returned the child to the anxious mother. “Our treatment is finished,” he said. “Megan isn’t afraid of monsters any more, are you, Megan?”

Megan nodded, and she was hugged by her mother. They left the office hand in hand.

Back in the treatment room, the doctor said in stern tone, “Get back in your box, Gizmo.” The guttural growl paralyzed him for a moment. Faking bravery, he snapped on the light. Then he washed his hands in holy water.

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