What a Girl Wants Review
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Columnist Maddie Saunders is looking for a no-strings relationship—and she’s got her eyes on her best male friend, Alex Donovan. She’s tired of going solo, but she’s not interested in a relationship, so casual sex is all she wants from him. When the opportunity to work with him in a tropical island setting presents itself, she springs her desires on Alex, throwing him into a state of confusion. The last thing Maddie thought he’d do is resist her advances—after all, he is a man.

Alex Donovan has reported the news from all over the globe—sometimes in dangerous places. But the only thing that truly scares him is sleeping with Maddie. She’s special—and he doesn’t want to mess up their friendship. He’s smart enough to know that sex changes things between a man and a woman—and not always for the better. But, still, he wants her as bad as she wants him.

As Maddie continues to tempt Alex and Alex continues to resist her, someone else is discreetly watching them with a murky agenda. Both Maddie and Alex have something in their past that’s about to rise up and bite them in the butt—and maybe even ruin Alex’s reputation.

What a Girl Wants is one hot, sexy read. The tension between Maddie and Alex sizzles and pops to the point where you’ll want to scream, Get it on, already! When they finally do consummate their relationship, you’ll be fanning yourself with any flat object you can find lying nearby. The sex is tasteful, but it’s smokin’ hot.

Though Maddie lets her slutty side come out in full force, you still can’t help but like her. She’s adorably quirky, and she’s a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. However, if she’d truly wanted nothing but casual sex, she should have picked someone other than a friend.

Alex, on the other hand, garners respect as he tries to save Maddie from making a huge mistake by sleeping with him. He puts up one heck of a fight, even though he wants to give in. And the struggle going on inside him makes him incredibly likeable.

With a splash of intrigue and a scorching romance, Ms. Robins once again pens a fantastic tale of love and danger in What a Girl Wants.

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