Required Course Teaches Basic Social Skills
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TALALA, OK In response to a number of complaints registered at Taco ‘N’ Go in Talala, Taco ‘N’ Go management and owners have decided to institute a mandatory class for its employees.

It seems as though Taco ‘N’ Go crew members are seriously lacking in a number of very crucial social skills, and they’re beginning to drive away customers.

“Our sales were dropping,” admits regional manager Russell Sawyer. “No one was going to our Talala restaurant, and we needed to get to the bottom of it.”

So Sawyer and a number of other members of the management crew visited the Talala restaurant on secret spy missions. And what they discovered was astonishing.

“I’ve never experienced such terrible service in all my life,” commented one manager. “I don’t think the guy behind the counter spoke to me at all. He just looked at me and waited for me to order.”

Another manager was equally dumbfounded. “When I approached the counter, the young lady behind the counter greeted me with ‘Whaddya want?’ She even asked me if I wanted fries with that. And we don’t serve fries.”

To help the underprivileged and socially-awkward Taco ‘N’ Go employees, management has set up a mandatory Social Interaction class to teach their crew how to handle customers.

Sections of the week-long seminar include: “Smiling,” “’Please’ and ‘Thank You,’” “How to Know When Someone Wants to Order,” and “101 Things Not to Call Customers.”

“We’re hoping this will be a great service to our customers—as well as to our crew,” says Sawyer. “Not only will this bring customers back to our restaurant, but it will also help our crew members in their day-to-day social interaction, both in and out of work.”

Sawyer noted that once they take care of their terrible customer service, they plan on doing something about the fact that all of their food tastes like old gym socks.

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