Possessive Review
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Catherine Bybee is fast becoming one of my favorite authors, whether she’s writing a time travel novel or a short paranormal romance like Possessive. She’s not too syrupy with the romance, and she adds just a hint of chills to give the plot that extra thrill that will keep readers engrossed right up to the end.

Lauren Trousdale is a grief counselor who’s on call with the local hospital. She’s called in when loved ones pass away, leaving behind grieving family members who are having a tough time letting go. She also has an extra special gift: she can see and talk to ghosts. And it makes her job easier when the ghosts go into the light and aren’t dragged away by something dark and terrifying.

Dr. Ethan Bailey has had his eye on Lauren since he started working at the hospital, but he needed a little prodding to ask her out. When he finds out that she can see ghosts—and she thinks that she’s being haunted by a rapist who died in the hospital and followed her home—he feels that he may have made a serious error in judgment.

Lauren may not be able to convince Ethan that she’s not crazy, but she most certainly needs to exorcise a malevolent entity from her home before it grows strong enough to physically hurt her—or worse.

For such a short piece (just 72 pages long), the characters in Possessive are well-rounded—even the malevolent ghost, who mostly remains in readers’ peripheral vision throughout the tale. The characters have enough interesting personality traits that I wanted to know more about each one—and perhaps revisit them in future reads.

And the same time, though, the feelings between Ethan and Lauren feel a bit rushed. But I guess he needed to care enough about Lauren to get involved in a situation that most people would probably run from. In real life, people are going to think you’re crazy if you confess to seeing ghosts, and they might be a tad nervous about hanging out with you—and that holds true in fiction, also.

With a bit of a spooky tone, a good romance, and the beginnings of what could become a great series (if the author chooses to write more), Possessive is an excellent e-book to pick up on a lazy afternoon to keep boredom at bay. I enjoyed it, and I bet you will, too.

Ed. Note: For more on Possessive, visit TheWildRosePress.com.

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