Sacrifice Review
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Three years ago, Nicci Beauvoir lost the love of her life, David Alexander, to a brutal act of murder. Devastated by the loss, she has finally uncovered his killer, and she’s ready to move on. But she’s dismayed to see a man in the crowd outside a cathedral who looks like David. Now she’s driven to find answers and uncover secrets to David’s dark past, even if it means seeking help from dangerous men.

Dallas August wants to marry Nicci, but she’s still hung up on her lost love. Though she’s tried to keep her search through David’s past a secret, he finds out and tries to protect her. Her involvement with Dallas’s former boss, Simon La Roy, is especially disturbing—because he’s not a man to be trifled with.

Nicci and Dallas try to stay one step ahead of men with whom they’re playing a deceptive game, in hopes of gaining a future that’s free of fear and destruction. Maybe they’ll even find happiness—but not without sacrifice.

Filled with intrigue at every turn, Sacrifice will draw you deep into its mystical setting on the streets of New Orleans, where mystery and secrets abound. A haunting romance rounds out a very satisfying story, while a good dose of suspense will grab you and hold on tight.

Nicci Beauvoir will capture your heart as she struggles with her feelings for two good men: one a ghost from the past, the other a mystery she’s never completely unraveled. You’ll feel her anguish as she tries not to hurt Dallas, all the while knowing that, in all likelihood, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

The plot builds to an agonizing climax with an outcome that could go either way. It’ll keep your hands glued to the book as you hold your breath, awaiting an uncertain end. Sacrifice is a deeply heartfelt and suspenseful mainstream romance that makes reading a pleasure—especially on a cold, rainy day, when you can do nothing but wrap up in a blanket on the couch and get lost in the story. Grab a copy of Sacrifice to see what I mean.

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