Gangbusters Review
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All Faith Vedder has ever wanted is to win the Pulitzer Prize for journalism. She just has to find the right story. Unfortunately, finding the right story puts her in danger. She can’t enjoy the win if she’s dead, but that’s not going to stop her. She stumbles across a possible lead about who’s trafficking Blindfold, a drug that erases guilt and blinds law enforcement to illegal acts. If she can blow the lid off this, she’ll be set for life.

Daniel Tierney’s assignment is to assassinate the pretty red-headed reporter who’s sticking her nose too deep into something she shouldn’t be. The only problem is he’s not really an assassin—at least not of the innocent. All he can do is whisk Faith fifty light years away to Draco Reigna through an interstellar teleport and hope that no one notices. But she proves to be harder to control than he imagined.

Faith finds herself embroiled in a galaxy of horror as she faces afterlife demons and angels with a mission that she has no choice but to be part of. Is winning the Pulitzer really worth her life and sanity? And can she even write what she’s experiencing without hurting Daniel?

Though I’m not normally a big fan of science fiction and fantasy, every now and then an author writes a fantasy novel that I thoroughly enjoy—and Michele Hart has done that with Gangbusters. The plot moves along at a fast clip, which will leave you breathless as you’re whisked from one planet to another, chasing a story along with Faith. With romance, intrigue, and suspense colliding, there’s never a dull moment.

I usually find it hard to like fictional reporters, but Faith’s lust for a Pulitzer-worthy story is endearing rather than annoying. Plus, she has a good heart, so she’s not blinded by her own wants to the point of selfishness. She’s brave and loveable, making her a wonderful character to spend time with.

Daniel, on the other hand, is tough as steel and totally male. He’s a rough character who struggles with the dark side of his personality, but he never lets that dark side take control, so you won’t ever end up hating him. He’s mysterious and sexy, making you want to unwrap every delicious layer of his character as the story progresses.

Filled with dangerous landscapes, criminals, angels, demons, and super-sexy undercover I-Marshals, Gangbusters will wrap you up in a world that you’re sure to get lost in for hours. Just when you think you can stop to draw a breath, something else will pop up, keeping you hanging by your fingernails on the edge of a deep chasm. A story doesn’t get much crazier than this, so dig in and enjoy.

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